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Aviation Museums of the World

Last updated March 3, 1998

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Czech Republic
Holland/the Netherlands
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States Of America


Mareeba, Queensland Beck Collection
Wed-Sun 1030-1600
AUS$8 entry.
P63 Aircobra, Canberra, Vampire, Lockheed Neptune, Venom. Very interesting collection of aircraft, aircraft engines and military vehicles.
Townsville, North Queensland Townsville RAAF Base museum
Only open Sundays to public
Lockheed Neptune (at gate), P51 Mustang (on loan from Pt. Cook RAAF museum)
Melbourne, Victoria Royal Australian Air Force Museum
Phone: 03-9256-1236 or 1300
1000-1500 Mon to Fri
1000-1700 Sun
Wangaratta, Victoria Drage's Airworld, Wangaratta Airfield
Phone: 57-218-788
1000-1700 daily


Brussels Belgian Air Force Hall
Parc du Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark 3, B1040
Phone: 734-21-57
Admission free
F-86, Hawker Hunter, MiG-23, -21, -15, Delfin, Yak11, Stampe, Harvard, T33, Magister, Invader (not the A-6), Battle, Mosquito, Hurricane, Spitfire, Tiger Moth, C-119G, Pembroke, Anson, Wesswx, Vampire, Gloster Meteor, CF100, Fiat G91Y, ThunderFlash, ThunderJet, Mirage, F104.
You must ask at the door for a permit to photograph the aircraft.


Bebeduoro Eduardo Andrea Matarazzo War Museum
Rio de Janeiro Museu Aeroespacial (Aerospace Museum)
Avenue Mal Fontenelle, Campo dos Afonsos
Phone: 21-359-8880
Tuesday-Friday 0900-1500, Saturday-Sunday 1000-1600


Calgary, Alberta Aerospace Museum Association of Calgary
Hanger 10
64 McTavish Place N.E.
Phone: 403-250-3752
Fax: 403-250-8399
F-101, Vampire, Seafire (great shape), Lancaster, helicopters, trainers - A6, Harvard. Misc bits & pieces and uniforms.
Surrey, British Columbia Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation
13527 Crescent Road
Phone: 604-535-1115
Mid May to Mid October: 1000-1600
Daily during summer season
Aeronca Chief, Auster AOP, Avro CF-100 Canuck, Expeditor, Bensen Gyro Glider, Bowers Flybaby, Brantley 305, Bristol/Fairchild Bolingbroke, T-33, Quickie, Harvard, Dagling Glider, Tiger Moth, Vampire, Fairchild Husky, Fleet Finch, Cornell, Granau Baby Glider, Handley Page Hampden, Lockheed Lodestar, Mignet Pou De Ciel, Mooney Mite, Muller Hang Glider, Nelson Dragonfly, Noorduyn Norseman, Piaseki HUP3, Piasecki H21, Saunders ST27, Scheibe Glider, Schweizer Glider, SE5A Replicaplans, Sikorsky S51, Sikorsky S55, Sopwith Camel, Stampe, Stinson L1, Supermarine Stranraer, Volmer Sportsman, Waco AQC-6, Waco INF, Westland Lysander1
Volunteer run organization that has amassed a collection and is now seeking to create a proper display space. Current site has outdoor display only.
For questions, contact the volunteer director, Brad Thomas, at
Winnipeg, Manitoba Western Canada Aviation Museum
Hangar T-2, 958 Ferry Road
Phone: 204-775-8447
Monday-Saturday 1000-1600, Sunday and holidays 1300-1600
Enfield, Nova Scotia Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum
Across the highway from the Halifax International Airport
Mid-May to mid-October 0900-1700 daily Mid-October to mid-May Sat 1000-1600. Anytime by appointment.
Phone 902-873-3773
Fax 902-428-7699
Aircraft on display: 1934 Homebuilt, CF-104 Starfighter, exact replica of the Silver Dart, Bell 206 jet helo, Tracker, CF-100 Canuck, Erocoupe
Aircraft on display but under restoration: F-86 Sabre, Harvard, Pitts Special, Canso, Bell 47 Helicopter, V-1 Buzz Bomb.
Aircraft under storage: CF-101 Voodoo.
Jet Star Engines, weapons, uniforms and other aviation artifacts both military and civilian.
Shearwater, Nova Scotia Shearwater Aviation Museum
Just outside 12 Wing gate off Highway 322 - Pleasant Street
Phone: (902) 460-1083 (has machine for after hours)
Fax: (902) 460-2037
Jul 1 - Aug 31 Tue-Fri 1000-1600, Sat-Sun 1200-1600
Sep 1 - Nov 30 and Apr 1 to Jun 30 Tue-Thu 1000-1700, Sat 1200-1600
Dec 1 - Mar 31 by appointment only
Indoors: Grumman CP-121 Tracker, Fairey Swordfish Mk. II
Outdoors: North American Harvard, Grumman CS2F-1 Tracker, Sikorsky H04S-3 Helo, McDonnell, F2H-3 Banshee, Lockheed CT-133 Silver Star, Grumman TBM-3 Avenger
Under restoration: Fairey Firefly Mk. V (in Shearwater, NS), Sikorsky H04S-3 Helo (in Dieppe, NB)
Highlights: Time Capsule Gallery, Robert Hampton Gray, VC, DSC, RCNVR Memorial Room
Aviation Art Gallery, Briefing Room Theatre, Engine Bay, Archives/Library
Mount Hope, Ontario Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Hamilton Civic Airport
Phone: 416-679-4141
1000-1600 daily
Avro Lancaster
Trenton, Ontario RCAF Memorial Museum
CFB Trenton
Canadair Sabre Mk.5
Ottawa, Ontario Canadian War Museum
330 Sussex Drive
Phone: 613-992-2774
1300-1700 daily, closes 2100 Tuesdays
closed Monday mid-September - April
Ottawa, Ontario National Aviation Museum
Rockliffe Airport
Phone: (613) 993-2010 or 613-998-4566
TDD: (613) 990-7530
May - mid-September: 1000-2000 daily
Mid-September - April: 1000-1800 Tuesday-Sunday
Lancaster, Voodoo, RAF Sopwith Camel, Spitfire, F-104, some DC-? Royal Canadian Postal Service, a Douglas-Bell? maritime rescue helicopter, the Avro Arrow (front half of the fuselage - anyone know where the back half is?), ME rocket plane, one of Alexander G. Bell's kites, Curtiss Jenny, Camel, Spad, Fokker D.VII Gotha, 1920's Curtiss flying boat (HS.11?), Hurricane, Lysander, B-24, B-25, Halifax, Bf109, He163, Canadair Sabre 6, others
Aero-engines from Gnome-Rhone through Napier Lion and R-R Merlin to GE.


Bejing Aviation Museum
Around 60Km out of city (I could use a town name)
150 a/c, outside: Tachikawa. Many Mig 15s, 17s, 19s, two B-29s (one had AWACS dome and RPV on wing), C-46s, several IL-28s, four blade engine C-47s
Inside (an underground hangar in a mountain): LILY, numerous MIG's, a Pakistani F86, early Yak jet, a mock-up of an Apache, USN T-28 and a Huey from Vietnam. Mig-15s with US kill markings.
Bejing Military Museum
Mostly Russian planes including the TU-2, as well as a U-2 that was in pieces, F86, T33, and Beaver, Tachikawa trainer in post-wwII markings.


Zagreb Technical Museum
P-47D (Former Yugoslav)

Czech Republic

Kbely, Prague Vojenske Muzeum - Exposice Letectva a Kosmonautiky (Military Museum - Air and Space Section)
Phone: 422-27-29-65
Sat-Thu 0900-1700 Fri 1430-1700
History of Czech participation in World War II and space development.
Prague Narodni Technicke Muzeum (National Technical Museum)
Kostelni 42, 170 00
Phone: 373-651-9
Tue-Sun 0900-1700



Dansk Veteranflysamlung (Danish Vintage Aircraft Collection)

Sauning Lufthavn
Phone: 07-369044
Tuesday-Friday 1500-1730; Saturday-Sunday 1300-1700 or on request



Quito airport

B-17, Catalina, possibly a B-25 - about eight aircraft.



Hallinportti Ilmailumuseo (Halli Aviation Museum)

Phone: 942-82112 ext. 272
May-August: Monday-Friday 0600-1900, Saturday-Sunday 1400-1900
September-April: by prior permission only


Suomen Ilmailumuseo (National Aviation Museum)

Phone: 90-821-870
1200-1800 daily
Mi-8 chopper, MiG-21bis, Hansa Brandenburg seaplane (only surviving),
Polikarpov UTI-4 (I-16 two-seater)


Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo (Aviation Museum of Central Finland)

Phone: 941-375-2125
FAX: 941-375-3260
June 1-August 15: 1000-2000 daily
August 16-May 31: 1100-1700 daily
Gourdou-Lesseure GL 21, Martinsyde F.4 Buzzard (only ones surviving),
rebuilt Fokker D XXI, MiG-21 F-13 and -UTI, VL Humu (Brewster 239 copy),
VL Pyorremyrsky
Extensive collection of engines and radio/radar paraphernalia.



Musee Aeronautique de Champagne (Champagne Aeronautical Museum)

Aerodrome de Brienne-le-Chateau
Phone: 3325-9284-11
Variable hours


Musee de l'Air et de l'Espace (Air and Space Museum)

Aeroport du Bourget
Phone: 837-01-73
Monday-Friday 1000-1800 (closes at 5 October-April)
Saturday-Sunday 1000-1200, 1200-1800
Sandringham, He-111

L' Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis (Jean-Baptiste Salis Association)

Aerodrome de la Ferte-Alais
Phone: 331-6457-5289

Caen, Normandy

Museum of War

Hawker Typhoon (replica)



Museum fuer Verkehr und Technik

Trebbiner Strasse 9
Phone: 030-25484-0
Tue-Fri: 0900-1730, Sat-Sun: 1000-1830
Limited aviation related exhibits.

Luftwaffenmuseum Flugplatz

Gatow / Kladower Damm
Telephone : 030 - 36 87-2601
Verwaltung 030 - 3687-2605
Ausstellung Entrance : Ritterfelddamm
Open: Tuesday to Sunday: 9.00 - 16.00 o'clock
To reach: Bus 135 from Rathaus Spandau (U7) until Kurpromenade Bus 639 from Potsdam to Ritterfelddamm
The museum has more than 100 planes from the" Rumpler Taube (1914)" til to modern Jets of the =E4Deutsche Luftwaffe".


Hubschrauber Museum (Helicopter Museum)

Postfach 1310, Sablepatz
Phone: 057-22-5533
0900-1700 daily


Franklin airport

Ju-87, Ju-88, He-111, Me-163, Fieseler Storch, Russian An-2, De Havilland
Jumo Me262 engine inside airport.


Luftwaffen Museum

Uetersen Airbase

Hermeskeil, between Kaiserslautern and Trier
Flugausstellung Junior
Phone: 06503-7693
Daily 0900-1800, 1 Apr to 1 November
Ju-52, Super Conny, Vickers VC10, DC-3, and a self-built Concorde mock-up, used as a coffee shop.

Muenchen (Munich)

Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaft und Technik (German Museum of Achievement in Science and Technology)

Phone: 089-2179-1
0900-1700 daily
Ju-52, He-111, ME-262
Magnificent technology museum with many hands-on displays of all sorts of transportation vehicles. Ships, planes, trains, submarines, everything! Some of the displays include engines (jets, recips, etc.) with handles you can turn to explore how the insides work. Small admission charge. One full day is not enough to take this one in!

Deutsches Museum, Oberschleissheim

Phone 089-315714-0
Daily 0900-1700, except 12 days scattered through the year
about 50 planes
The Deutsches Museum has an additional exhibition area at Oberschleissheim.
This area is dedicated to aircraft only and you can also visit the restoration shop. No planes have been moved from the downtown area to Oberschleissheim, so it is worth visiting both. The S-Bahn ride to Oberschleissheim is about 3/4 hour, so you need at least a half day there.


Technik-Museum Sinsheim

Exit Sinsheim on Autobahn 6.
Open daily?
This museum is of the anything that moves variety, but has a strong airfleet. Several crashes per year on the autobahn are credited to drivers staring at the aircraft on display.


Technik-Museum Speyer, Geibstrasse
Exit Speyer on Autobahn 61.
Phone: 06232-78844
Daily 0900-1800
The Technik-Museum Speyer has anything that moves: cars, trains, planes etc.


Int. Luftfahrt Museum - Manfred Pflumm

D-78056 Schwenningen
100 km south of Stuttgart
Phone (0 77 20) 6 63 02
Daily 0900-1900
Fokker DR-1 (copy), Buecker Bü181 "Bestmann", Dornier Do 27, Junkers F-13 (copy), Messerschmitt Me-109 (copy), Canadair CL-13 "Sabre Mk6", Armstrong-Whitworth "Sea Hawk" Mk.100, Rockwell OV-10B "Bronco", Fiat G.91 R2, De Havilland DH-100 "Vampire", Lockheed F-104G "Starfighter" (two), Lockheed TF-104G,Antonov AN-2P "Colt", Mikojan-Gurewitsch MIG-15 "Fargot", Mikojan-Gurewitsch MIG-21 F "Fishbed-C", English-Electric "Canberra B" Mk.2.

Holland/the Netherlands



Aviodome Schiphol, Schiphol Centrum (international airport near Amsterdam)
Phone: 020-6041521
May-September: 1000-1700 daily
Ocotber-April: 1000-1700 Tuesday-Sunday
Tiger Moth, Spitfire, DC-3, DeHavilland Rapide (in pieces), others, many in Dutch markings. On the airport a short walk from the terminal.
Admission approximately Dfl 4.


The Airwar Museum Fort Veldhuis

(25 miles north of Amsterdam)
Phone: +31 251-230670 (only on Sunday)
May - Sept Sunday 1000-1700
Contains the results of the detailed investigations done about the air war
over the Netherlands during the Second World War. On display are aircraft
parts like engines, guns, droptanks, uniforms, etc. Every aircraft that
crashed over Dutch territory during WW2 and has been recovered by The
Aircraft Recovery Group 1940-1945 can be found in the museum.


Militaire Luchtvaart Museum (Museum of Military Aviation)

Kamp van Zeist
Phone: 03404-34222
April-October: 1000-1600 daily



Kozlekedesi Muzeum (Transport museum)

Varosligeti Korut 11
Phone: 420-565
Tuesday-Sunday 1000-1800
Junkers F-13, AN-2, Mi-2 chopper, Sojuz-T return cabin,
Hansa-Brandenburg WWI biplane.
About 50 engines, and models.


International Airport, Terminal 2
Tu-154, Tu-134, IL-14, AN-2, IL-18
Tour groups only, but planes are visible.


Military pilot school and air mobility chopper base

MiGs from 15 to 21, L-29 Czech trainer, AN-24 VIP version, MI-4 chopper,
Mi-2, TU-134A, IL-18
Unreliable hours



Indian Air Force Museum

Wapiti, Lysander, Hurricane, Spitfire, Tempest, Prentice, HT-2, Gnat prototype, Ajeet (gnat 2), Mystere IV a, Ouragan, Hunter, Vampire NF 10, Mig 21 FL, Sukhoi 7, HF 24 Marut, Canberra, B-24J Liberator, Mi 4, Sikorsky Whirlwind, Krishak AOP, WW2 Japanese Okha "Baka" (Rumour has it that No.4 Sqn IAF was with the BCOF in Japan after the cease fire and salvaged it)
also there but not for public viewing:
Dakota, Il 14, An 12, Fairchild Packet, Vampire FB 52, Tigermoth, Spitfire IX, Gnat1, Mig 27, Mig21M, Jaguar

Dundigal AP

Airforce Academy

Harvard Tigermoth Iskra Kiran


Indian Navy Air Museum

Sea hawk Firefly Alize and more which i couldnot find out.

Then there are hundreds of gate gaurdians thruout the country including a Mitsubishi Zero floatplane in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, a Caribou stranded in the himalayan base at walong



Museum Pusat TNI - Satria Mandala (Armed Forces Central Museum)

MiG 17, MiG21F, Fairey Gannet, SA-2 Guideline, Ki-43 Hayabusa, CA-27 Saber and many more.
History of Indonesian Armed Forces from 1945-onward, exhibits include infantry weapons, light artillery and outdoor display of air force equipment previously used by Indonesian Air Force.



Israeli Air Force Museum

Hatzerim Air Force Base
Small admission fee
Extensive collection of IAF aircraft from the 1948-49 War of Independence to the present. Spitfires, Meteor, P-51D Mustang, Ouragon, Mystere, Magister, Super Mystere, Mirage III, Nesher, Kfir, A-4 Skyhawk, F-4 Phantom, MiG-21 flown to Israel by defector, captured Gazelle, Huey, Noratlas, Lavi, T-6, 707.
Total about 80 aircraft, some unique to this museum.
Also a large collection of anti-aircraft guns, missiles and radars including an extensive collection of Soviet systems captured from the Arabs.
Hatzerim is an easy day trip from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other typical tourist attractions in Israel. The best way to travel is to take the Egged bus to Beersheba, then take the local bus from Beersheba to Hatzerim. The total bus fare for a round trip from Jerusalem is about $30.
Warning: this museum is outside and located in a desert. In the summer, it is brutally hot and sunny. Dress accordingly and bring lots of water and sunscreen. A small canteen sells drinks, snacks and souvenirs. Since a visit to this museum can easily consume a full day, bringing lunch is a good idea.
FURTHER WARNING: Hatzerim is a real IAF base (look overhead to see more planes) and Israel is at war. DO NOT wander into unauthorized areas. Signs and other descriptive material are mostly in Hebrew, with a fair amount of English.



Museo Aeronautico Caproni di taliedo

Via Durini 24
Phone: 78-19-15
Vizzola Ticino is open summer Sunday afternoons, otherwise by prior permission only
Venegono Superiore by prior permission only

Vigna di Valle

Museo Storico Dell'Aeronautica Militare Italiana (Museum of the History of Italian Military Aviation)

Aeroporto di Vigna di Valle
Phone: 6-9024-034
June-September: Tuesday-Sunday 0900-1800
Oct-May: Tuesday-Sunday 0900-1600

New Zealand


Museum of Transport and Technology

Great North Road, Western Springs
Phone: 9-860-198
0900-1700 daily
Lancaster (ex- French Aeronavale); Sunderland and Solent flying boats, P-40 Kittyhawk, Tiger Moth, Vampire
Aircraft park is separate from main museum

Palmerston North

RNZAF base Ohakea

Vampire (at gate); DC-3


Alpine Fighter Collection

Corsair, Mustangs, Spitfires, Kittyhawk, Avenger, Yak 3, Nakajima Oscar, Zero replica (all flying), Hurricane, Me-110 (rebuilding)
Biannual airshow is now largest such warbird display in the Southern hemisphere.


Bodo AFB

The Norwegian Aviation Centre (NORSK LUFTFARTSSENTER)

Kongelige Norsk Luftforssvaret Museet (Royal Norwegian Air Force Museum)
Phone: +47-75508550
7 days a week. 1000-2000 (5pm?)
RF-5, Saab 91B Safir, Cessna L-19 Bird Dog, Piper L-18 Super Cub, DeHav DH100 Vampire FB52, T-6, Tiger Moth, AVRO 504K, Gloster Gladiator MkII, Ju-88 A-4, CF-104, F-86K, RF84F and G, UH1B, PBY-5A Catalina, Spitfire Mk IX, Fairchild PT26 Cornell, DH Mosquito Mk6, Fokker CVD, Kjeller Kaje I, U-2


Forsvarsmuseet (Defense Museum)

Akershus fortress
Tiger Moth, Spitfire IX, V-1, F-86F


Sola Flyhistoriske Museum

Next to Stavanger Airport
PBY-5A, Bf 109E, Heron, a Messersmith Trainer, Storch
Mostly airplanes with local conections, both military and civil. Most RNoAf fighters after WWII, plus parts for many planes from WWII. Also some flak-guns and items from WWII.



Muzeum Lotnictwa l Astronautyki (Museum of Aviation and Space)

Phone: 44-71-81
May-October: 1000-1400 daily


Museu Do Ar (Air Museum)

Alverca do Ribatejo
Phone: 258-27-22
Tuesday-Saturday 1000-1200, 1330-1800
Sunday 1000-1200, 1400-1800


Kubinka Military Aviation Base

Soviet fighters
Access restricted


Aviation Museum

Monino (Moscow suburb)
2445624 ext. 2186 or 2225
Monday-Thursday 1000-1300, 1430-1700
Saturday 1000-1430
NOTE: Access is restricted
Po-2, R-5, I-16 (replica), La-5FN, Yak-9, Il-2, BI-1 (rocket plane), Pe-2, P-63 Kingcobra, Sukhoi T4 Supersonic bomber, Sukhoi T-6 fixed-wing Fencer prototype, Su-27 Flanker-A prototype, M-50 Bounder, Tu-4 Bull (B-29 copy), La-250 Anaconda, MiG-21 Analog, Yak-38, MiG-9, Bartini W-I-G-E aircraft, DB-4 bomber, Mil-12 ?? Homer, Sikorsky Illya Mouromets (replica) Only Soviet (used) aircraft, but has them all, including many previously unknown in the West.
The web site is in Russian, and includes pictures.

Aviation Museum

Moscow Cenral Airport
Soviet fighters


Museum of the Airborne Troops


Museum of Aviation

Over a dozen Soviet and German aircraft in nice shape.
Museum is virtually inaccessible due to difficulties in getting the special permit required.


Sentosa Island

Hunter, Meteor, Scimitar
The aircraft are out in the open, and not publicised - you'll have to explore on foot.

South Africa

Cape Town

South African Air Force Museum

Ysterplaat Air Force Base
Phone: 021 5086377
Mirage F1CZ (first SAAF plane to shoot down enemy aircraft since WW2),Buccaneer, Vampire, Mirage III R2Z, Harvard, Shackelton, PV-1 Ventura, Wasp, Super Frelon, albatross, Impala Mk1
For more information on the SAAF Museum, visit the Unofficial SAAF Website:


South African Museum of Military History

Zoo Lake
Me-262 (fitted with radar as a night fighter), PR Mosquito, Hurricane, Tiger Moth, Me 109 (2), Spitfire, FW 190, Hawker Hind, Mirage III, Buccan eer


South African Airforce Museum

Swartkops AFB, north gate
Phone +27-12-351-2290/2153
10-4 weekdays, weekends and public holidays
No admission fee
F-86, MiG21 (Angolan), Mustang, Spitfire Mk.XVI, Fiesler Storch, DH Vampire, P-51D, Mirage F1 CZ, Mirage 111 CZ, Mirage 111 BZ, Piaggio Albatross, Avro Shakelton Mk3, Douglas DC-3, DC-4, H-S Buccaneer SK MK, Electric Canberra, Percival Provost, Atlas Kudu, Atlas Bosbok, Alouette II, Puma helo
Extensive museum displaying all types flown by SAAF. Flying days third Saturday of every second month.
The on-base library can be opened on request



Museo Del Aire (Air Museum)

Cuatro Vientos Air Base
Tuesday-Sunday 1000-1300
He-111 (Spanish model), He-111E-1

Ejercito del Aire

Tablada AirBase
He-111 (Spanish model)



Flygvapenmuseum Malmen (Malmen Air Force Museum)

Phone: 013-29-92-70
Sunday-Friday 1200-1500


Science Museum

Bleriot monoplane, early Junkers transport, Sopwith flying boat, one more, all in mint condition




about 100 piston engines on display, including U.S., German, and British.


Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (Swiss Transport Museum)

Lidostrasse 5
March-November: 0900-1800 daily
December-February: 1100-1600 Tuesday-Saturday

1000-1700 Sunday


Fliegermuseum Duebendorf

Phone: +(41) 1 823 22 83
Fax: +(41) 1 820 01 12
Tue-Fri 1300-1700, Sat 0900-1700, Sun 1300-1700
Aircraft: All the aircraft that were and are used by the Swiss Airforce
Highlights: P-16, N-20


Chung Cheng Aviation Museum




Royal Thai Air Force Museum

Don Muang Air Force Base, about 15 miles NE of city center on military side of the airport
Phone: 2-523-5151
Monday-Friday 0830-1200, 1300-1630
First weekend in month 0900-1200, 1400-1700
Also occasionally other weekends
F-86F, F-86l

United Kingdom



Royal Air Force Museums

Grahame Park Way
Phone: (0181) 205 2266
Monday-Saturday 1000-1800, Sunday 1400-1800, closed bank holidays
Admission fee.
Vulcan, Lancaster, Wellington, F-4 Phantom, Tornado, BAe Lightning, Spitfires, Hurricanes, Typhoon, B-24, Harrier GR.3, Valiant, Sunderland 5, Blue Steel standoff missile, Thor IRBM, Chain Home radar, some captured German equipment, incl. Me109, He111, lots of old "wood, paper and string" types. Over 70 aircraft. Engines, propellers, bombs, armament, uniforms, navigation & models. "Bomber" & "Battle of Britain" special exhibitions and dioramas. Part housed in 1915 hangars.


Imperial War Museum (Aircraft Collection)

Duxford Airfield
Phone: (01223) 835000
March 15-November 2: 1030-1730 daily
Closed Good Friday and May bank holiday
Biggest collection of military & civil aircraft in UK, including Concorde prototype. Also radar, tanks and mil vehicles. Restored WW2 Ops Room and special wartime displays. Periodic Air Shows.
Just opened an American Air Museum

Hawkinge, nr Folkestone, Kent

Kent Battle of Britain Museum

Aerodrome Road
Phone: (0130389) 3140
Displays of 11 aircraft, relics & memorabilia, housed in old RAF buildings, recreate the history of the Battle of Britain in 1940.

Ramsgate, Kent

Manston Memorial Building

RAF Manston
Phone: (01843) 823351
Well restored Spitfire XVI and Hurricane II, with other exhibits, commemorate the importance of Manston as a WW2 fighter station

Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

Shuttleworth Collection

Old Warden Aerodrome
Phone: (01767) 627288
1030-1730 daily, check times in winter
Over 30 historic aircraft, civil & military, of 1909-1941 period. Mostly flyable, there are periodic air displays. There is also a collection of old vehicles.

Aldershot, Hampshire

Airborne Forces Museum

Browning Barracks, Queens Avenue
Phone: (01252) 349619
History of British Airborne Forces from 1940 to present. Weapons, vehicles, uniforms and equipment. Sections of aircraft. Models incl those used for briefing Airborne Ops. Photos and dioramas.

Somerset, Yeovilton

Fleet Air Arm Museum

Royal Naval Air Station
Phone: (01935) 840565
About 46 aircraft, P.1127 (pre-Harrier), Stringbags
History of Naval flying from 1903 to present. Weapons, paintings, photos, uniforms and medals. Many models of aircraft and ships. Special displays include prototype Concorde 002.

Middle Wallop, Stockbridge, Hampshire

Museum of Army Flying

Army Air Corps Centre
Phone: (01264) 384421
1000-1600 daily
Fixed-wing and rotor craft including some captured aircraft. Displays and dioramas cover 100 years of Army flying, from ballooning to the Falklands War.


Hall of Aviation

Phone: 01703-635830.
Mon-Sat 1000-1700, Sun 1200-1700
Sandringham flying boat, 12 other aircraft

Helston, Cornwall

Cornwall Aero Park & Flambards Victorian Village

Culdrose Manor, Clodgey Lane
Phone: (01326) 573404
Visitors have access to military aeroplanes, helicopters and hovercraft. There are separate displays of "Britain in the Blitz" and a "Battle of Britain" gallery. RNAS Culdrose is nearby.

Chichester, West Sussex

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

Tangmere Airfield
Phone: (01243) 775223
On a WWI RAF airfield are a number of original RAF aircraft and some replica old ones. Displays cover history of aerial warfare especially in WWI and WW2.

Shifnal, Shropshire

Aerospace Museum

RAF Cosford
Phone: (01902) 374112
April-October: 1000-1600 daily
November-March: Monday-Friday 1000-1800
Spitfire XIV, Me262A, Me163
>80 aircraft collection. Displays of missiles and aero engines, and a Research & Development section. Hall 1, missiles and engines, is presently closed for repairs.

Birmingham, West Midlands

Birmingham Museum of Science and Industry

Newhall Street
Phone: (0121) 2351661
General collection includes a range of weapons. The aircraft include a Hurricane and a Spitfire.

Winthorpe, Newark, Nottinghamshire

Newark Air Museum

The Airfield
Phone: (01636) 707170
Over 30 aircraft, mainly post WW2, several under restoration.
Also aero-engines & ground equipment on display in modernised hall areas.

Elvington, York

Yorkshire Air Museum

Halifax Way
Phone: (01904) 608595
1000-1600 daily
Over 20 aircraft: Victor tanker, dH Mosquito (rebuild), Jet Provost, Lightning F6, Canberra B1, CT-33, Buccanneer, Meteor night fighter, RN Auster, dH Vixen NF3, Hawker Hunter (2), Halifax
Control tower restored to WW2 appearance with Signals Office & Radio Room. Barnes Wallis Collection. Allied Air Forces Memorial: was a Free French base

Framlingham, Woodbridge, Suffolk

390th Bomb Group Memorial Air Museum

Parham Airfield
Phone: (01359) 51209
Collection of engines, etc, recovered from crashed WW2 Allied aircraft, and other mementoes. In 1942 airfield control tower.
[Limited opening times: check before visiting]

Brenzett, Romney Marsh, Kent

Brenzett Museum

Ivychurch Road
Phone: (01697) 20606
Relics of WW2 aircraft, mostly from crash sites. Housed in WW2
Women's Land Army Hostel.
[Limited opening times: check before visiting]

London Colney, St Albans, Hertfordshire

Mosquito Aircraft Museum

Salisbury Hall
Phone: (01727) 22051
Easter-October: Sunday and Bank Holiday 1030-1800
July-September: Thursdays 1400-1730
Collection of 17 de Havilland aircraft, incl B.E.2e (1917) and three Mosquitoes.

Flixton, Bungay, Suffolk

Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum

Collection of 16 aircraft, plus engines & other relics. Library.
A display pays tribute to the Royal Observer Corps.
[Variable opening times: check before visiting]

St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands

Castle Cornet

Phone: (01481) 726518
Mid-18C barracks within 13C castle
Military items displayed, including models, medals & trophies of 201 Squadron RAF.

Usworth, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear North

East Aircraft Museum

Old Washington Road
Phone: (0191) 5190662
Good collection of civil & military aircraft. Mostly post-WW2, mostly British. Avro Vulcan B.2 bomber, several De Havillands & Westland helicopters. A Bensen autogyro. 30+ planes on view.



Scottish United Services Museum

The Castle
Castle Hill
Edinburgh Castle
Phone: (0131) 225 7534
The armed forces of Scotland: Army, Navy & Air Force in all periods. Displays of uniforms & head-dress, arms & equipment, medals, paintings & prints.

North Berwick, Lothian

Museum of Flight

East Fortune Airfield
Phone: (0162) 088308
MiG-15, Me 163B, Vulcan bomber and about 40 other military & civil aircraft in WW2 hangars. Aero-engines and rockets are also displayed.


Barry, South Glamorgan

RAF St. Athan Historic Aircraft Collection

RAF St. Athan
By prior permission only or 1400-1700 on the first Sunday in every month

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